March 29-30, 2021

7am PST / 10am EST / 4pm CEST


  • 2
    of practical talks
  • 20+
    sharing know-how
  • 5K+


DevOps.js is an event for all the developers and architects involved in building infrastructure and setting up pipelines and deployments for JavaScript applications.

Would you like to skill up as a DevOps? Join authors of top projects and vital practitioners at the DevOps.js Conference on March 29-30, 2021.

Most notably, we’ll focus on:

  • Infrastructure

  • Dev pipelines

  • CI/CD

  • Scaling

  • Performance



Cutting edge talks from field experts followed by interactive Q&As


Join live chat rooms, make friends, and explore new opportunities


Socialize at remote afterparties and gaming tournaments


Maël Nison
Full Info
Maël Nison
Datadog, France
Talk: Yarn in Depth: Why & How

Lead maintainer for Yarn.

Maël joined the Yarn project in 2017 and quickly became lead maintainer, shaping a long-term vision for the project, one PR at a time. By day, he works at Datadog on all things JS, ensuring that the tooling infrastructure can scale and support the company's growth.

Darcy Clarke
Full Info
Darcy Clarke
GitHub, Canada
Talk: What's New in npm?

Sr. Eng. Manager at npm's Open Source Tools team.

Darcy is a Sr. Engineering Manager at GitHub leading the team behind npm's Open Source Tools - most importantly - the npm CLI; He is also a Node.js Collaborator, Regular Member of the OpenJS Foundation & Co-Organizer of the NodeSchool Toronto Chapter.

Lukas Taegert-Atkinson
Full Info
Lukas Taegert-Atkinson
TNG Technology Consulting GmbH, Germany
Talk: Owning your Build-step – Owning your Code

Current maintainer of RollupJS.

After finishing my PhD studying the mathematical properties of black holes, I decided to go for less substance from then on and follow my passion of becoming a professional software developer. For the last six years, I have been doing full-stack consulting work for various clients at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH. This includes a big focus on DevOps: tuning Node servers, tending to Kubernetes clusters and orchestrating CI/CD pipelines are an important part my work.

During this time, I also stumbled upon RollupJS, and while I originally only wanted to push a few improvements to their dead code elimination algorithm, I ended up rewriting it from the ground up. And in the process, I accidentally became acting maintainer of that project :)

Since 2017 I have been continuously working on further improving tree-shaking, adding code-splitting together with Guy Bedford, and many other things to make it a great tool not only for optimizing JavaScript libraries but also for advanced and custom build processes at big companies like Github, Bloomberg, Salesforce and many others.

Sasha Rosenbaum
Red Hat, USA
Talk: How to Build CI/CD Pipelines for a Microservices Application

Sasha is a Sr. Manager on the Managed OpenShift Black Belt (MOBB) team at Red Hat, where she is helping enterprise customers successfully migrate to managed OpenShift on customers’ favorite public cloud.

In her career, Sasha has worked in development, operations, consulting, and cloud architecture. Sasha is an organizer of DevOpsDays Chicago, a chair of DeliveryConf, and a published author.

Angel Rivera
CircleCI, USA
Talk: Increase App Confidence Using CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code

Angel started his career as an US Air Force Space Systems Operations specialist in Cape Canaveral AF Station where he realized his passion for technology and software development. He has extensive experience in the private, public and military sectors and his technical experience includes military/space lift operations, technical writing, software development, SRE/DevOPs engineering. He also has a wealth of experience in defense and federal sectors such as contracting, information systems security and management.

You can usually find him speaking at or organizing local tech meetups and hackathons where he enjoys engaging with developers.

Glen Maddern
Web Hosting
Full Info
Glen Maddern
Cloudflare, UK
Talk: The Rise of the Dynamic Edge

Co-creator fab.dev. Founder of linc.sh.

Jamie Maria Schouren
Full Info
Jamie Maria Schouren
DEITY, Netherlands
Talk: Software Architectures Gone Wild

Jamie Maria started as a native app developer but soon jumped into the world of JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps and Service Oriented Architectures. Driven by the urge for innovation she co-founded DEITY with the aim to improve the online world around her by introducing middleware and SOA as a standard to any e-commerce platform.

Colin Ihrig
Node.js Technical Steering Committee, USA
Talk: Introduction to the AWS CDK: Infrastructure as Node

Member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee & a hapi core team member.

Colin Ihrig is a software engineer working primarily with Node.js. He is the author of Pro Node.js for Developers, and co-author of Full Stack JavaScript Development with MEAN.

Thomas Hunter II
Lob.com, USA
Talk: GitHub Actions for Node.js Apps

Thomas has contributed to dozens of enterprise Node.js services and has worked for a company dedicated to securing Node.js. He has spoken at several conferences on Node.js and JavaScript, is an O'Reilly published author (Distributed Systems with Node.js ), and is an organizer of NodeSchool SF.

Julie Ng
Microsoft, Germany
Talk: Infra vs Apps – Where are my Pipelines?

Julie is an Engineer at Microsoft focussing on the Azure Customer Experience who refuses to give up her mac for Windows. Previously she was an Enterprise Architect at Allianz Germany as they started their cloud journey in 2016 that included full CI/CD with Jenkins, single page apps and containers. When she's not conducting architecture design and CI/CD reviews with Azure customers or building POCs you can find her surviving lockdown by YouTubing about real world engineering or jogging and rock-climbing.

Jeff Hoffer
Serverless Deployment, AWS
Full Info
Jeff Hoffer
Rollbar, USA
Talk: Troubleshooting your Serverless Node.js doesn't have to be a Pain

Jeff Hoffer is the Technical Leader for Growth at Rollbar, working to improve Rollbar's current products and assist in developing new products that engage customers by bringing Continuous Code Improvement tools to where they are. With over 20 years of experience developing software for startups and enterprises, scaling to Internet traffic, building and maintaining commercially licensed products, and developing internal enterprise tools, Jeff has worked as a Software Engineer, Software Architect and in Director and VP roles leading technology organizations at Intuit, The Bouqs Company, Lunchbox (acquired), Accordent (acquired by Polycom) and Countrywide along with consulting work at many other prominent firms. Jeff has a passion for software development which is why he loves working at Rollbar so much with the focus on improving the professional lives of developers and the strong engineering culture.

Jasper De Moor
Full Info
Jasper De Moor
Talk: Parcel 2: the Automagical Bundler

ParcelJS core contributor and Freelance developer.

Max Gallo
Talk: DevOps for Frontend: beyond Desktop Browsers

I’m a pasta eater biped working at DAZN as Principal Engineer. My areas of expertise are JavaScript and Front-End technologies with a DevOps flavour. I like Functional & Reactive solutions both for programming and architectures. I use spaces, not tabs.

Lukonde Mwila
Full Info
Lukonde Mwila
Entelect, South Africa
Talk: Automate React Site Deployments from GitHub to S3 & CloudFront

Lukonde is a Senior Software Engineer at Entelect. He currently consults in the financial services sector specialising in cloud and DevOps engineering, cloud architecture designs and cloud security at an enterprise level in the AWS landscape.

He is 4x AWS certified and is an advocate for containerisation and serverless technologies. Lukonde enjoys sharing experiences of building out AWS infrastructure on Medium and sharing open source projects on GitHub for the developer community to easily consume, replicate and improve for their own benefit.

Nacho Anaya
Full Info
Nacho Anaya
Checkly, Argentina
Talk: JAM Stack Deployment Platforms and Performance Comparison

I am Lead Open Source Engineer at @ChecklyHQ, Tech Trainer, and Speaker. I have been working, teaching and spreading JavaScript technologies for more than 10 years. Right now, I am mostly working with Vue.js and Node.js but I like to contribute to any kind of dev community or OSS project. When I am not coding or traveling, you can find me playing hockey in Buenos Aires.

Dianing Yudono
Feature Flagging
Full Info
Dianing Yudono
BCG Digital Ventures, UK
Talk: The Art of Feature Flagging

Dianing Yudono has over a decade of software engineering experience in different products, teams and cultures. She is currently at BCG Digital Ventures, a global company that invents, launches and scales disruptive businesses. Before that, she was at ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy.

Illya Klymov
GitLab, Ukraine
Talk: Build your JS Pipeline in Incremental Fashion with GitLab

Illya is Senior Frontend Engineer in GitLab and Ph.D. in computer science. His passion is building reliable software and even more - discovering how to bring reliability to life in baby steps for legacy projects. He has over 15 years of experience in JavaScript, owned own software development company for 7 years and quit tha because realized that engineering is his real passion. In GitLab he is not only experimenting with bringing hype technologies to legacy codebase but also works hard on increasing the quality of frontend testing suite. Believed that GitLab CI/CD pipeline language is the best tradeoff between power and reliability long before joining GitLab and now is absolutely sure of that. Does not trust his own code and automates every single check possible.

An active contributor of @vue/test-utils.

Tiffany Jachja
Harness, USA
Talk: How to Get CI/CD Right in 2021: A Guide to CI and CD

Tiffany Jachja is a technical evangelist at Harness. She is an advocate for better software delivery, sharing applicable practices, stories, and content around modern technologies. Before joining Harness, Tiffany was a consultant with Red Hat's Consulting practice. There she used her experience to help customers build their software applications living in the cloud.

Ryan Severns
Full Info
Ryan Severns
StackHawk, USA
Talk: Security Testing for JS Apps

Ryan Severns is Co-Founder & COO at StackHawk where he spends his time getting application security into the hands of developers. Prior to StackHawk, he led analytics, marketing, and growth teams at VictorOps and JumpCloud. He loves end-user focused software, data, and chips & salsa.

Erik van der Voort
ING, Netherlands
Talk: ING’s Journey in Building and Deploying Frond-end Code

Erik van der Voort has been working in Information Technology for over 25 years now. Starting as a developer, he moved to other roles like technical and functional designer and project- and portofolio-management. Quite some years ago, he discovered engineering was what made him really happy so since then he has been working in several Ops- and DevOps-roles within ING. For the past five years Erik is one of the engineers within the Fruitloops-team. This team of engineers mainly focuses on building and deploying front-end applications on a global scale within the company.

G. Ann Campbell
Quality & Security
Full Info
G. Ann Campbell
SonarSource, USA
Talk: You're 5 Minutes Away from Code Quality & Code Security

G. Ann Campbell coded JavaScript for early browsers (think Netscape 3, IE 4), plus Perl, C, and Java. She became a vocal member of the SonarQube community in 2010 and joined SonarSource in 2013, after co-authoring SonarQube in Action. Her software career has spanned support, documentation, coding, and product management. Through the SonarQube community, she has helped hundreds of people understand how to make the most of SonarQube to write Clean and Secure Code.

Victor Savkin
Nrwl.io, Canada

Nrwl.io co-founder, ex-Googler, ex-Angular core team member. Work on dev tools for TS/JS. Nx and Nx Cloud architect.

AJ Stuyvenberg
Full Info
AJ Stuyvenberg
Serverless Inc, USA

AJ is a Senior Software Architect at Serverless Inc, the team behind the Serverless Framework, where he builds developer tools which help customers successfully develop, deploy, and observe cloud-native applications.

Neil Manvar
Sentry, USA
Talk: How is my JavaScript Doing?

Neil Manvar is an engineer dedicated to helping developers ship quality code quickly. In his free time, you can find him cycling, snowboarding, or cuddling with his dog. He currently works as a Solutions Engineering Manager at Sentry, an Application Monitoring software company that helps software teams discover, triage, and optimize the performance of their code.

Our MC's

Mettin Parzinski
Mettin Parzinski
Passionate People, Netherlands

A frontend developer that started out writing ActionScript, did jQuery and thus has all sorts of knowledge on deprecated stuff. Currently consulting at med-tech startup Aidence to help them detect early-stage lung cancer, using React and ML. Part of a frontend development couple that produced a kid.

Sharone Zitzman
Sharone Zitzman
RTFM Please, Israel

I'm a marketing technologist and open source community builder, who likes to work with engineering teams that are building products that developers love. Having built both the DevOps Israel and Cloud Native Israelcommunities from the ground up, today I spend my time finding the places where technology and people intersect and ensuring that this is an excellent experience. You can find my talks, articles, and employment experience at rtfmplease.dev.

Darko Meszaros
Darko Meszaros
AWS, Germany

Darko is a Senior Developer Advocate focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. He shares his passion and technological know-how with Engineers, Developers, and communities across the world. If it can be automated, Darko tries to do so. Most of his focus is towards DevOps and Management Tools, where automation, pipelines, and efficient developer tools is the name of the game – click less and code more so you do not repeat yourself - is what he says!

He has a long IT career in various areas, from retail, to government, to even large telcos. At AWS, Darko has worked as a Premium Support Engineer and as a Solutions Architect, which has given him first-hand experience with AWS customers and their AWS adventures, helping them learn the ways of the cloud!

March 29 Schedule

Times below are shown in your local browsers time zone.
Datadog, France
Yarn in Depth: Why & How

Since 2017 Yarn proved itself a pillar of JavaScript development by incubating numerous features our ecosystem now heavily relies on. As years passed, as competitors improved, so did Yarn, and it's now time today to dive into the features and tradeoffs that make Yarn a truly unique gem of the JavaScript ecosystem.

Microsoft, Germany
Infra vs Apps – Where are my Pipelines?

Automation of a single monolithic app is pretty straight-forward. Split it into a frontend and backend and it's still manageable. Throw in more components or infrastructure and suddenly you're scratching your head at why a build ran - or didn't run. How many pipelines do I need? How many git repos should I have? Let's walkthrough use cases from small teams who own their entire stack to organizations with central IT units that manage shared infrastructure. Learn which scenarios and criteria determine how to slice but not spaghettify your pipelines.

GitLab, Ukraine
Build your JS Pipeline in Incremental Fashion with GitLab

Introducing CI/CD to your project might be a challenging process. In GitLab we value iteration as one of our key values, and in spirit of iteration we will be happy to share how GitLab could help you to gradually work on bringing your project to CI/CD heaven.

Rollbar, USA
Troubleshooting your Serverless Node.js doesn't have to be a Pain

AWS ushered in a new landscape for deploying JavaScript applications using Node.js hosted in AWS Lambda, and since then the management simplicity that it provides has made serverless applications and APIs grow exponentially in both popularity and use cases. However, operationally for many starting out, troubleshooting issues can be painful. I'll walk through some techniques to make this easier and provide an evolution of how we can get to a better solution with tips and tools you can use in your serverless deployments right away.


Topic – Mono-repo Vs. Multi-repo Vs. Hybrid.


DEITY, Netherlands
Software Architectures Gone Wild

Get ready for a run through the world of Software Architectures! Everyone who works in software has heard of terms like ‘pwa’, ‘monoliths’, ‘headless’ , ‘microservices’ and even ’service oriented architectures’. We all know what they are, but how much do we really know about them? In this talk, we will show you the differences, the similarities, when to use them, when not to use them, the success stories and of course: the massive failures. Get ready for a half an hour of tech-comedy: architecture is going to be fast and fun!

Security Testing for JS Apps - Ryan Severns

With StackHawk, engineering teams can run security tests against JS applications and the backing APIs to find and fix vulnerabilities before they hit production. With automated testing on every PR, you can be confident that your app is secure. Join StackHawk co-founder Ryan Severns for a quick overview of JS application security testing with StackHawk.

How to Get CI/CD Right in 2021: A Guide to CI and CD - Tiffany Jachja

Software delivery is a top priority for organizations that own software, yet it remains one of the most challenging problems enterprises face today. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are software practices that allow organizations and teams to deliver code to customers quickly, safely, and repeatedly. Whether it's to improve development, operations, or security, CI/CD pipelines give engineers and teams more time to work on things that matter and less time struggling with the risk, standards, and velocity of deployments. Join this session to learn about the components of CI/CD and how to build and scale pipelines for the future.

You're 5 Minutes Away from Code Quality & Code Security - G. Ann Campbell

In this session I'll use a live demo to show how effortless it is to add Code Quality and Code Security to your project with SonarCloud - not just for now but for every commit going forward.

How is my JavaScript Doing? - Neil Manvar

In this session, I’ll surface relevant context regarding crashes and performance issues in my JS-web-app. I’ll cover how to investigate errors and pinpoint where slowness is introduced.

Node.js Technical Steering Committee, USA
Introduction to the AWS CDK: Infrastructure as Node

For years AWS has offered CloudFormation as an approach to Infrastructure as Code (IaC). CloudFormation allows application stacks to be provisioned from JSON or YAML formatted templates. Unfortunately, due to their size and complexity, CloudFormation templates have earned a reputation as being unwieldy to work with. The AWS Cloud Development Kid (CDK) mitigates some of the complexity associated with CloudFormation by allowing developers to programmatically define their cloud architecture using familiar high-level languages such as JavaScript and TypeScript. CDK projects can then be deployed via CloudFormation, while retaining all of the benefits of CloudFormation, such as repeatable deployments and drift detection.

This talk will introduce the CDK in the context of Node.js and demonstrate how it can be leveraged to provision cloud native architectures.


March 30 Schedule

Times below are shown in your local browsers time zone.
CircleCI, USA
Increase App Confidence Using CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code

Ever run code in CI/CD and builds pass only to fail during deployment? This presentation will discuss the advantages of Smoke Test patterns in CI/CD pipelines using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Learn how teams can leverage automation to ensure apps are tested live in target environments which provide valuable insights pre-deployment. Angel will demonstrate how to leverage IaC to provision infrastructure, deploy apps, test then destroy all the resources created in a single CI/CD pipeline run.

Entelect, South Africa
Automate React Site Deployments from GitHub to S3 & CloudFront

In this talk, I will demonstrate how to create a CI/CD pipeline for a React application in AWS. We'll pull the source code from GitHub and run tests against the application before deploying it to an S3 bucket for static site hosting. The site will then be distributed using CloudFront which will point to the S3 bucket. All of the infrastructure will be built using Terraform. In addition, I'll make use of Terragrunt to show how to create this setup for multiple environments.

TNG Technology Consulting GmbH, Germany
Owning your Build-step – Owning your Code

Ever since JavaScript has become a language for writing applications, build tools and especially bundlers have been around. They solve the discrepancy between writing code that is easy to maintain and writing code that loads efficiently in a browser. But there are advantages to bundling JavaScript code that go well beyond the browser, from cloud functions to servers to command line tools.

RollupJS is special in that it was always designed from the ground up to be a general purpose bundler rather than a frontend specific tool. In this talk, we will have a look in what way other scenarios can profit from bundling. But more importantly, I will show you how RollupJS not only generates superior output in many situations, but how easy it is to tailor its output to custom requirements and non-standard scenarios. We will see how to patch up code, mock and replace dependencies, elegantly inject build information and control the chunk generation when code-splitting, all with a just few lines of code.

Red Hat, USA
How to Build CI/CD Pipelines for a Microservices Application

Microservices present many advantages for running modern software, but they also bring new challenges for both Deployment and Operational tasks. This session will discuss advantages and challenges of microservices and review the best practices of developing a microservice-based architecture.

We will discuss how container orchestration using Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift can help us and bring it all together with an example of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines on top of OpenShift.

Lob.com, USA
GitHub Actions for Node.js Apps

GitHub Actions offer a convenient, feature-rich solution for building CI pipelines. Actions consist of composable steps controlled by YAML files checked into your code repo. Come learn how to perform tasks that are commonly required of modern Node.js codebases, such as package installation, linting, running tests as part of pull requests, building Docker images, and deploying when code is merged into the main branch.

Cloudflare, UK
The Rise of the Dynamic Edge

Over the last few years, the JS web app community has seen a growing awareness and focus on performance & scalability. The days when prominent production sites serve entirely-blank pages waiting on monolithic bundles of megabytes of JavaScript are (mostly!) behind us.

A big part of that has been deeper integration with CDNs, after all, round-trip latency is one of the primary determiners of performance for a global audience. But frameworks, and the companies that support them, have different approaches to how they can be used, and the operational complexities their strategies introduce have real consequences.

But what if, instead of a dynamic origin sending instructions to a static CDN, you could run your application directly on the edge? As it turns out, that doesn't just improve performance, it also vastly simplifies our deployment and maintenance lives too.

The Art of Feature Flagging - Dianing Yudono

Fed up with merge conflicts and system failures after a big release? Feature flags can be your lifesaver!

We strive to get new features to the hands of our users as fast as we sustainably can. Some features can take longer to develop and touch other parts of the system. If not handled with care, these kinds of features can result in merge conflicts that keep developers up all night, not to mention the dreaded system failures following a big release. Equipped with feature flags, we can avoid this nightmare and continuously deploy code changes safely.

This talk consists of practical tips on how to use feature flags as release toggles.

JAM Stack Deployment Platforms and Performance Comparison - Nacho Anaya

Our web app is finally ready to go live but which deployment tool should we use? With the rise of JAMstack, we have a multitude of options from Vercel, Netlify, to Firebase. Certainly, performance is key for us so we want to know which one is the fastest. In this talk, we will do a real-world benchmark comparing the most known JAMstack deployment options and discuss pros and cons.

Parcel 2: the Automagical Bundler - Jasper De Moor

Parcel 1 was created out of the frustration from configuring slow and hard to configure legacy bundlers like Webpack and in turn started a trend of zero-config tooling. Unfortunately, Parcel 1 had some major design flaws that led to the creation of Parcel 2, a ground-up rewrite of Parcel which aims to resolve those design flaws whilst also creating a bundler that can scale to the size of companies like Atlassian and Adobe and beyond. A new plugin system, bundler targets, optional configuration, stable caches, improved scope-hoisting, improved developer experience and better performance are just a few of the things we’ve been working on for the last 3 years.

In this talk I’ll glance over how Parcel works and talk about a couple of the largest and most exciting new features in Parcel 2.

ING’s Journey in Building and Deploying Frond-end Code - Erik van der Voort

Within ING we have been dealing with JS/FE for quite some years now. Starting with nothing we evaluated the CI/CD process for this, via multiple stages into what it is right now. I will go along these stages to inspire you to create a similar process for your own company.

DevOps for Frontend: beyond Desktop Browsers

For the past 10 years we diligently applied DevOps principles to our Backend services, but what about the Frontend? Can we transfer some of that knowledge between these very different, yet very similar, worlds? The answer is yes, and in this talk I'll show you how DevOps principles helped us at DAZN to build our web applications for Smart TV & Gaming Consoles.

GitHub, Canada
What's New in npm?

The npm CLI has been, & continues to be, a core developer tool of the Node.js/JavaScript ecosystem. This past year [email protected] became Generally Availble, introducing with it a wealth of changes & net-new capabilities including: lockfile upgrades, workspace support, installing peer dependencies by default, npm diff, npm explain, npm exec, npm set-script & much, much more. We'll dive into this work as well as share some exciting news about what to expect in the weeks & months to come.


Program Committee

Matteo Collina
NearForm, Italy

Node.js TSC member, PhD, Technical Director @ NearForm, IoT Expert, Consultant, author of Pino and Fastify. Co-author of the book "Node.js Cookbook, Third Edition" edited by Packt.

Mihai Balaci
Booking.com, Netherlands

I started to seduce computers :) after University with my job in Munich-Germany where I met the mighty Solaris (running on Sparc) and FreeBSD running @ scale. The challenge: how to manage data centers in an automated fashion.

The moment I joined Ubisoft, I started to implement the well known Spotify Squad team model to accelerate time to market and create a better Dev & Ops ownership culture. While learning about DevOps I discovered the Google SRE book. The book changed my view on how to support services in production in a more efficient way. At Adobe I implemented the Embedded SRE model, creating this way full stack software development teams able to support high scale customer facing services in a multi cloud and multi region environment. After 3 years of implementing the embedded SRE mode and Incident Response as a company-wide practice, I felt ready for a new challenge: leading the SRE & Observability organisations @ Booking.com.

There are so many things I learn every day. I am grateful for such an amazing journey :)

Peter Nijenhuis
S0L1D Heroes, Netherlands

DevOps is one of my greatest passions. Guiding teams in the DevOps way of working, helping and facilitating them in achieving the ultimate goal of becoming a high performing team.

What I often see at companies, that they’re trying to adopt the DevOps way of working with a technical approach. They often start with automation. While automation is a huge aspect of DevOps, it isn’t the key to success. Mindset and behavior is in my opinion the key to success. Getting the right culture and a facilitating governance with its processes within the company. Only then you can be successful in adopting the DevOps way of working.

Nikolay Matvienko
Grid Dynamics, Russia

Nikolay is Lead Software Development Engineer and Node.js expert at Grid Dynamics. He has been developing using Node.js for 6 out of 10 professional years, from web backend to serverless data lake processing and analysis. Also he is a Node.js and serverless consultant. Public speaker and https://notjs.blog/ blog author.

Alex Korzhikov
Instructor, Mentor, Netherlands

Software engineer, team lead, ​instructor​, mentor, and ​author of technical materials​ in JavaScript, Node, ​JSON-Schema​, Web Components, TypeScript.


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Lukonde Mwila

Nacho Anaya

AJ Stuyvenberg

Infrastructure as a Code

Angel Rivera

Illya Klymov

Pipeline Quality

Thomas Hunter II

Dianing Yudono

Julie Ng

CI Platforms

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Peter Nijenhuis

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